IDEC Safety Scanners

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IDEC's SE2L Safety Laser Scanner is one of the smallest in the world. The SE2L features a 270 degree sensing angle, a 5 meter safety protection zone, and a 20 meter customizable warning zone to fit your application. 

Master/slave functionality allows one SE2L scanner to act as master and communicate with up to three other scanners. The safety controller only needs to communicate with the master, reducing the required number of input and communication channels on the controller. This allows lower cost controllers to be used in applications such as providing full 360 degree protection for AGV  that require 4 scanners. The SE2L's long range of coverage makes them an ideal fit for industrial robots and machinery. With dual protection mode, the SE2L can be programmed to safeguard 2 differenct zones for 2 robots at once. This can reduce the number of necessary number of light curtains and safety laser scanners in half.

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