Inductive Sensors

  • Inductive Proximity Sensor

Inductive sensors are crucial components in everyday machines. The design of these robust inductive proximity switches is based on advanced proximity sensor technologies that detect metallic or conductive parts without physical contact.

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There are many inductive sensor designs specifically manufactured to suit a particular application, e.g., high temperature sensors and multi-voltage sensors. Inductive sensors can output appropriate signals for positions and limits as well as act as pulse pick-ups for monitoring rotational speed and counting tasks.

Inductive Sensor Proximity Switch Operational Qualities

Inductive sensors comprise an induction loop or an electromagnetic detection part. They operate by producing an oscillating electromagnetic field created by a magnetic object. Within this system the presence of metal triggers excess flow of current inside the induction loop, causing changes in the electromagnetic field, which is detected by the sensor’s circuitry. An output signal is then sent once metal is detected.

Inductive Proximity Switch Applications

Inductive sensors are commonly used in robotics, military, aerospace, and rail industrial sectors. Inductive metal face sensors are regularly used within the following types of applications:
  • Metal detection - steel, iron, cobalt, nickel
  • Automotive body assembly
  • Conveyor system control
  • Speed sensing, limit switching, and pulse generation
  • Automated industrial processes
  • In traffic lights and metal detectors
  • For detecting presence of an object in a pick-and-place application during inspection
  • Motion position detection and motion control
  • Coil and transformer production
  • Broken bit detection and lid detection
  • Machining processes
  • Tool position and distance measurement

Inductive Sensor Benefits

Inductive metal face sensors have a wide range of applicable benefits. These advantages can be utilized for a wide range of project applications. Some of the main advantages of inductive proximity switches, include:
  • No Moving Parts – Since inductive sensors are true solid-state devices, they do not contain bearing or shafts that require sealing, which means that these devices can be installed in difficult environments where dirt, grease and vibration may occur.
  • No Magnetic Interference – Inductive sensors do not react to magnetic interference, which enhances their stability within challenging environments.
  • No Drifting Due to Temperature Variations – Inductive proximity switches will not exhibit large drift characteristics due to temperature changes.
  • Longevity – Inductive sensors can withstand all types of environments and conditions. The life span of an inductive sensor can be many decades depending on individual circumstances.
  • Simple Installation Process – Inductive metal face sensors only require a ferrous target, so the activator can be an existing part of the measured assembly. Alternatively, it can be a separate component, profiled to provide a specific output or to more easily integrate to the assembly.
Additionally, inductive sensors in a non-contact mode can last long as they are not subjected to any mechanical wear and tear. Also, they are resistant to extreme environmental conditions, vibration, dust and moisture, making them an ideal option for use in several industries.

Inductive Proximity Switch Manufacturers

As a distributor of Balluff, Yamatake, and Pepperl Fuchs inductive proximity sensors, we offer thousands of inductive sensor solutions for you to choose from. Balluff and Pepperl Fuchs proximity sensors range from basic cylindrical plastic to stainless steel weld resistant models. These heavy-duty sensors can withstand the most demanding applications. Click the page links below for more information regarding the proximity switch manufacturers that we distribute.

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