Weld Dynamix

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Weld Dynamix specializes in PTFE protective coverings for equipment and cabling in the toughest weld and casting environments. The Weld Dynamix product portfolio includes weld-immune inductive sensors, sensor mounts, wrap, and tubing. Their new ACTIVFLEX BLUE offers the only “formable” PTFE anti-spatter protective coverings on the market.
Any equipment that needs to be protected from weld splatter, heat, paint, or other harsh environments- Weld Dynamix has a solution.
Please CONTACT US and we will be happy to send you a sample of a Weld Dynamix protective covering for evaluation.
Cable Protection for Welding

Cable Protection for Welding , Casting, Grinding, Stamping Applications   
  • Slit and non-slit variants                                                                  
  • Resists weld-splash and buildup of metal tailings                                                         3.5mm Activflex Tubing Datasheet
  • High working temp (250° C)                                                                                          6.5mm Activflex Tubing Datasheet 
  • Ultra-high flex cycles                                                                                                      13mm Activflex Tubing Datasheet   
  • Low coefficient of friction                                                                                                19mm Activflex Tubing Datasheet
  • Excellent chemical resistance