Schmersal SRB-E-201LC Multifunctional Safety Controller

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The Schmersal SRB-E-201LC Multifunctional Safety Controller can be adjusted to one of up to 11 preset configurations which include selecting the type of reset, activating or deactivating cross-wire monitoring, and selecting the monitored contact configuration all via a rotary dial on the front. Once changed to the desired setting, the dials are protected from further adjustment by a transparent front cover which can be easily secured.

The drastically reduced number of versions and a clear overview of their relevant functions make it considerably easier for a machine manufacturer to select a module from this series which is right for their particular application. All conventional safety sensors and electromechanical safety equipment can be monitored. The safety relay modules of the PROTECT SRB-E series can be used in applications up to Category 4, PLe in accordance with ISO 13849 and SIL 3 in accordance to IEC 61508.

Easy Access to Terminal Blocks

Schmersal SRB-E Terminal Block Input

Estimated time to ship is 4-6 days
  • Manufacturer: Schmersal
  • # of Safety Outputs: 2 (2 A)
  • # of Signaling Outputs: 1