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Schmersal AZM400 Motorized RFID Bolt Lock

[Schmersal AZM400 Series]

The AZM400 Series is designed for machine/work cells where access to a hazardous work area must be controlled until safe conditions exist. The solenoid lock secures the machine guard until dangerous conditions, which may exist immediately after removal of power, have abated. The solenoid lock may be controlled by a time delay, motion detector, position sensor or other suitable component.

The main switch body contains the RFID sensor and a motor-driven locking bolt, which fits into a hole in the actuator block with the matching RFID target. Once locked into place the solenoid bolt provides a holding force of 10,000 N, making the AZM400 solenoid interlock is particularly well suited for heavy doors.

The actuator is designed for misalignment tolerance. The diameter of the actuator hole is 4 mm wider than the bolt, tolerating up to 2° angle offset. The gap between the switch and actuator block can be up to 7 mm and still detect the RFID target.




Product Features:
  • 3 LEDs for visual diagnostics
  • 1 or 2 auxiliary outputs
  • M12 connector
  • Manual override or emergency release knob for bolt retraction
  • Electronic release via auxiliary power supply
  • Individual coding options
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